Oil Thrustor Drum Brake

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Oil Thrustor Brake (TB-TO)

Standard Specifications


* Enclosure Type : Indoor, Waterproof
* installation Method : Horizontal base plate
* Input : AC440 / 380 / 220V, 3¢, 50 / 60Hz
* Allowable Power Source Fluctuation

     Voltage      : -15 ~ +10%
     Frequency : ±5%
* Max. Duty Frequency : 400 times/Hr
* Duty Cycle : 40%ED, 60%ED, Continuous
* Insulation Class : Class F
* Paint Color : Munsell No 7.5BG 6/1.5
* Thrustor Oil : KSC 2301, OT4



* Automatic Gap Adjuster
* Limit Switch
* Manual Releasing Device
* Brake Cover : For Outdoor Use Only 



(1) With implementing a four step sealing method, our thrustor is perfect leakproof.

(2) The internal moving parts have been fitted with wearless rings and seals to
  minimize mechanical friction, this also make the braking motion smooth and quiet.

(3) We have manufactured the cylinder out of specially purchased material which we 
 can "HONE" to a high surface finish, this prolongs the life of the cylinder and the brake.

(4) To achieve a perfectly clean hydraulic system, all thrustor parts are pressure cleaned in our thrustor cleaning machine.

(5) Our leak-proof type thrustors are the same physical size dimensionally as our existing thrustors, 
 so replacing an old thrustor with a new leakproof type thrustor is simple and easy. 
 To replace an old thrustor please specify the frame number, thrustor type and voltage from the specifications 
 at the back of the brochure.