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Battery Charger
FDCH series, developed by HANMI TECHWIN, are the digital battery chargers used for charging the storage batteries for emergency power source. Recently, the miniaturization with high performance and switch-over to cordless ones of electronic devices are in progress actively, and storage batteries are getting popular as their driving power source.
In this case, the main requirements to the storage batteries are the stability, high energy density per unit volume or unit weight, long life and the feasibleness of discharge against current.
FDCH series have been designed in order to meet the characteristics of the above storage batteries and various economical requirements by digital control.




(1) Realization of all-digital battery charging system

(2) Easy operation function

(3) Operation status display function

(4) Constant current - Automatic switching to constant voltage charging method

(5) Perfect protection function

(6) Improve reliability

(7) MPU (Micro processor unit) self-diagnosis function

(8) IGBT switching charging method