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Thyristor Control System
The AC power control by the thyristor, or silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is a most common form of phase control.
The thyristor is basically a semiconductor switching device, which can be switched on at any time,
but can only be switched off when the current flowing through it is zero,
which occurs twice per cycle in AC primary voltage control applications.
AC output power is controlled by switching the thyristor on and off, and varying the thyritor turn on delay and firing angle.

Full Digital AC Primary Voltage Controller (below FDA) is the 4 quadrant variable speed controller for three phase asynchronous slip ring motors.
FDA can be accurately controlled motor speed within 5 ~ 100% range with the closed loop control used of tacho generator, mounted on the motor shaft.




Excellent braking force by the automatic plugging braking torque control.     
Throung speed variation within 5% rated speed.       

FDA has been designed as programmable software using full digital system which has enabled to minimize and unify the size 

     of control board. Therefore it is lighter, and reliability is far superior to the old system. 

Built-in complete protection function for overcurrent, overload, phase loss and short circuit and so on.  
Using NV-RAM, it is possible to protect the setting parameters completely even in case of power failure.  
Easy parameter setting, real time operating status and falut information(Max. 10 list) monitoring function with LCD control panel