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Speed Control Brake System
This braking method is a control method of braking by the above-mentioned pressing force of the electric hydraulic pressure.
The Speed Control Brake is controlled by the input supply voltage in the range of hoisting each step and lowering 3, 4 step.
And the speed is controlled by applying the induction voltage of the rotor of the slip ring motor in the lowering 1, 2 step.

Since the secondary output of slip ring motor is inversely proportional th the speed of the Speed Control Brake,
the rotor side voltage is lowered as the speed is lowered, so that the braking torque is reduced and the rotor side secondary voltage
increased when the speed is lowered.





① Simple speed control is possible.        
② Installation cost is low and maintenance is easy.       

③ Suitable for crane which does not require precise control in the field where there are many dust and environment is poor. 

④ The speed fluctuation at each step due to load fluctuation is large, and the speed fluctuation at low speed is very large.