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Brake Controller(TCBⅡ)
TCBⅡ series developed by HANMI TECHWIN is a type of reducing maintenance problems, the old
model has been containing seriously . On its stop condition, the electric power left in magnetic brake coil is fed back into the line and by doing so, promotes the efficiency of controller.

Standard Specifications

Input power Standard specification: AC 440V [-15 ~ + 10%] 50/60 [± 5%]

[Order specification: AC 220V, AC 380V, AC 460V]

Strong-excitation time setting range [SEC]: 0.3 to 3

Strong excitation current setting range [%]: 0 ~ 120

Approximate excitation current setting range [%]: 0 to 20

Location: No corrosive gas

Operating temperature []: -20 ~ +85

Storage temperature []: -20 ~ +85

Humidity: 80% RH or less (no condensation)

Insulation resistance: DB 500 [V] 5MΩ or more





(1) A hybrid type that compromises the advantages of analog circuits that are relatively strong to external NOISEs and the advantages of digital circuits 

    that can freely change functions 

(2) The current is detected by the AC-CT attached to the input side and the constant current control method

(3) Minimum power loss due to SR resistance (weak excitation resistance)

(4) Electromagnetism Since the energy accumulated in the brake coil is regenerated by the power source, the energy saving effect

(5) Quick response that can shorten OFF time about 2 ~ 3 times compared with existing controller

(6) Strong electric circuits composed of 4 SCRs are simple structure and ONE BOARD, so mechanical trouble is solved originally

(7) Field-oriented design