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Noncontact MC
In the speed control method of a wound-wire induction motor, a secondary resistance control method for controlling a slip (speed) by connecting a resistor from the outside of the secondary side (rotor) and a method for controlling both the primary voltage and the secondary side resistance of the motor are generally used It is used.
In this control method, it is necessary to use a magnetic contactor to change the resistance value. When using the magnetic contactor, the frequency of open and close frequently occurs, and it takes a lot of time to repair or replace the contact point. And it makes many losses such as efficient maintenance of maintenance and lower productivity.
HANME TECHWIN Secondary Resistance Short-circuit Controller (hereinafter referred to as ERSC-Series) uses semiconductor devices instead of electromagnetic contactors to greatly improve facility management efficiency and productivity.




(1) Check operation status with LED

(2) stable operation characteristics regardless of variation of the primary voltage

(3) Burn-out prevention function due to overheating of control element

(4) Efficient cooling fan control function

(5) Connection of forward and reverse parallel SCR by DELTA method

(6) Select controller as many steps as required