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New Battery Charger(TDC-9030)
The all-digital battery charger (BCU) developed by HANMI TECHWIN is a device that charges the battery by making high-speed switching method using 3-phase AC power using IGBT.
BCU (Battery Charging Unit) monitors and protects battery status in real time to provide optimal operating environment.

Standard Specifications




- Power source: 3Ø AC 110/220 [V]

- Operating voltage: Single phase AC85 ~ 265 [V]

- FAN voltage: Single phase AC110 / 220 [V] selection

- Operating temperature: -20 ~ 85 []

- Output signal: WARNINIG (RELAY contact: AC250V / DC30V, 5A)

 FAULT (RELAY contact: AC250V / DC30V, 5A)

- Input signal: Key operation on circuit board

- Weight: 11.5 Kg










(1) It is easy to charge automatically by the capacity (AH) and voltage setting of battery

(2) Monitor charging current, voltage, and battery charge through LCD

(3) Battery diagnosis function that repeatedly charges and discharges the battery at regular time intervals

(4) Equivalent charging function to equalize battery voltage and specific gravity

(5) Charge recovery function when battery voltage is lower than discharge end voltage

(6) Enhancement of fault diagnosis function

(7) Complete device protection

(8) DC power supply combined