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Thrustor Disc Brake (TB-TD)
The spring set, thrustor released disc brake(TB-TD Type) is applied for the heavy duty operation and coasting of industrial facilities for the service and emergency stop.
(For hoist and travel drives for container cranes and transfer cranes, for large belt conveyor system, bucket wheel excavators, stackers, reclaimers, etc.)

Standard Specifications

* Installation Method : Horizontal base plate

* Enclosure : Dust Proof, Waterproof (IP65)

* Input Power : AC440 / 380 / 220V, 3Ø, 50 / 60Hz

* Allowable Power Source Fluctuation 

     Voltage  :  -15% ~ +10%

     Frequency : ±5% ~ 10%

* Max. Duty Frequency : 600 times/Hr

* Insulation Class : Class H

* Ambient Temperature : -15 ~ +40℃

* Paint Color : Munsell No. 2.5BG 5/6






* Sintered Pad

* Brake Cover : For Outdoor Use Only

* Heavy Duty Type ( Continuous use over 60 hours at ambient temperature for 72 hours )





(1) Gap Adjusting Device

     With a simple gap adjusting device, automatic gap to adjust is impossible. We have, therefore, realized automatic gap adjustment 

     device, equalizing  the gap between left and light. 


(2) Sintered Pad

     The sintered pad is provided for high speed and temperature. It is comparatively not abrased, stable braking and long life 

     (two times than resin mold lining guaranteed). 


(3) Thrustor for High Frequency and Against Oil Leakage is Adopted

     For the evaluation of brake reliability, high quality thrustor manufactured by ourselves, is applied thereto and can be operated 

     for 600 times per hour. 


(4) No-Lubrication for Rotating Frictional Area

     To the rotating area of brake, dry metal bushings are applied, and therefore lubrication is not necessary.


(5) Manual Releasing Device

     The device is slim and guide roller is attached to the connecting points of releasing device, so that the releasing is softly 

     and easily made. Noise is not produced because the upper and down parts are well fixed. 


(6) Brake Sensor

     The brakes are prepared with sensors of on-off and lining abrasion thereon, and therefore, in-between maintenance can be evaded.