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Moter Speed Detector
The TFC-7050A is a device that detects the speed by taking the slip frequency on the secondary side 3 of the wire-wound motor as input.
The speed detection method is precisely calculated digitally using the MCU after removing the noise with a filter.
The display is displayed as a percentage of the motor synchronous speed in 7-segment. When the motor rotates at the synchronous speed, it is displayed as 100, and when the motor rotates in reverse, the first 7-segment displays (-).
The motor speed detector is an electronic speed detector that uses the RS-422 communication with the FDA-Series, a wire-wound motor controller, to send and receive speed information and replace it as a conventional tacho-generator.

Standard Specifications



- Input voltage: 3Ø AC 0 ~ 600 [V]

- Operating power: Single phase AC110 / 220 [V]

- Operating temperature: -20 ~ 85

- Input signal: RS-422 communication

- Output signal: RS-422 communication

- Weight: 1.4 Kg




Winding motor speed detection





(1) Precision detection of winding speed of motor

(2) Display of rotation information through LED display

(3) Automatic detection of motor rotation direction (forward / reverse)

(4) Easy installation with panel mount type

(5) Semi-permanent lifetime due to maintenance free maintenance

(6) Simple setting of 50/60 [Hz]