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wound rotor motor Controller(FDA)
This FDA series, Digital AC Primary Voltage Controller developed by HANMI TECHWIN, uses thyristors for the control of a three phase induction motor. The FDA series has been developed and standardized to meet the industrial requirements of the industry such as a wide range of speed control, frequent forward and reverse operation, and fast acceleration and deceleration. Accordingly this FDA series equipment is suitable for the control of Rolling Machines, Winches, Cranes and other material handling machinery with induction motors.




* Characteristic

(1) Full Digital Type Crane Control System

This crane control system has been designed as programmable software using full digital system which has enabled us to minimize the size of the control board and eliminate the need of a relay control circuit. The whole control system has been minimized. Therefore, it is lighter and reliability is far superior to the old system.


(2) Adjusting Parameter Setting and Monitoring Functions.

Because the parameters are inputted to meet the specified conditions using the Keypad during the commissioning, the operation is simple. This system can memorize and recall up to ten times of former faults and display them on LCD. Also, the actual running condition of the thyristor controller can be recalled and Displayed on the LCD and thus fault finding is improved.


(3) Simple Adjustment of Plugging Braking Torque

Adjustment of the plugging braking torque is simple and easy. Just select either vertical load or horizontal load. And in case of selecting horizontal load, adjust the plugging braking torque to the required setting by the Keypad.


(4) Perfect Protection

This system has a perfect protection capable of handling over current, over volt age, under voltage and short circuit. Also, since the electronic thermal function is inside the system, there is no need for an outside thermal relay.


(5) Memorization of Set Parameters Without Battery

We have prepared against power failure by using a NV-RAM which memorizes the      stored data and retains it. The NV-RAM does not require a battery back up system.


(6) 4-Quadrants Control

This 4-quadrant operating system is suitable for crane systems.      Especially on hoisting down motion, regeneration is possible, so operation efficiency is improved by as much as 10% comparing with that of plugging operation. Also, if is required, the brake is started after hoisting speed is reduced by the application of plugging braking. Thus, the braking time is short and the life of the brake lining becomes longer.


(7) Improved Reliability

Since the control power function has been designed as redundancy in order to use single power and back-up power at the same time, the control function is not influenced by a voltage drop. There is no setting volume and the interface part is divided by a photo coupler to avoid being influenced by noise. Therefore, reliability is improved.


(8) Fall prevention in case of emergency

If the TG value falls below 10% of the synchronous speed in the downward direction in the event of a falling event such as breakage of the brake tie rod in the stop state after hoisting or rolling,

Automatically brakes and is controlled to slow down at less than 1%, preventing falling accident