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New Brake Controller (TBC-6020A)
The digital magnet operated brake controller developed by HANMI TECHWIN, is widely applicable mechanical brake for motor as main driving power such as cranes, etc. and is installed with motor controller.
TBC-6020A controls power thyristor under digitalized methods not by rectifying AC power but by selecting most up-to-date MCU and either monitor basic motion of brakes or monitor & protects coil for electromagnet and provides optimum operating condition.

Standard Specifications

* Input power : AC220V / AC380V / AC440V, 50Hz / 60Hz (combined use)

* Output current control range : DC 0 ~ 45 [A] (Forced excitation, For weak excitation)

* Output voltage setting range : DC 10 ~ 250 [V]

* Setting range of the forced excitation time : 0 to 10 seconds

* Operation signal input : On / Off (contact point)

* Operation signal output: FAULT (Relay contact : AC250V / DC30V, 5A)

* Operating temperature range : 0 ~ 85 []

* Weight: AN132 ~ AN280 : 3.9Kg

             AN315 ~ AN527 : 8.7Kg






* Control of electromagnet type electric motor braking device

* Various mechanical devices using electromagnets





(1) Current control method suitable for electromagnets

(2) Optimal control by output current and voltage feedback control

(3) Shortening the cut-off time by excitation current regeneration (within 0.2 sec)

(4) Detection of abnormal condition of braking device winding (disconnection, partial short circuit)

(5) Overvoltage output cut-off function due to temperature rise of braking device winding

(6) Output short-circuit status detection function (device protection function)

(7) Safe (device protection) circuit configuration such as power failure etc.

(8) Function to prevent burnout due to overheating of control element

(9) Wide setting range (current: 0 to 45A, ramp time: 0 to 10 seconds)

(10) Easy to use 50Hz, 60Hz common power frequency

(11) Built-in operation switch for operation test