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Battery Status Monitor(TDP-BM)
TDP-BM-100 is the device of emergency monitoring battery status for magnet system. Emergency battery installed 9 to 18 in series due to output voltage; therefore, it is difficult to check each battery status.
TDP-BM-100, which is possible to check battery individually, is to find poor battery to show graph of battery status. In addition, it could be measured current of charging and discharging to calculate internal resistance value, and battery manages stably with alarming if set voltage dropped blow setting level.

Standard Specifications

◆ Input voltage : AC 80 ~ 240[V] single phase or Specific battery

◆ Touch panel : K600+ LCM

◆ Signal output : WARNING (RELAY contact : AC250V/DC30V, 5A)

◆ Quantity for monitoring battery : 19EA (Industrial 12V battery)

◆ Panel communication : RS-422 (※discrete type)

◆ Temperature range for operation : -20~85[℃]


◆ Realtime monitoring for battery status.

◆ Battery voltage checks intuitive to show as bar graph.

◆ It could distinct battery voltage with bar graph which color changes.

◆ Easy to set with touch panel.

◆ It has function to display status of charging and discharging.

◆ It is possible to measure internal resistance value for each battery.

◆ Output alarm for poor battery.

   ◆ It could select integral type and discrete type due to installation