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Magnet Control Unit(FDR)
FDR-series is a digital lifting mark net controller developed by Hanmi Techwin.
Power drive device It is a device to apply constant voltage or current to magnet by Converting 3-phase input power by using SCR (thyristor). It is an essential system for automation and rationalization of industrial equipments. It is used in various fields such as steel making, steel making, steel products, material handling, transportation, and unloading. Our FDR-series product integrates all peripheral devices and control circuits, and is composed of standard modules. The module is smaller and lighter than the conventional control panel, so it is easy to handle and the water retention is greatly improved. In addition, Thyristor control can cope with continuous multi-step precision voltage and current control and various control conditions, and it is possible to improve control performance and flexibility of function change through digital control system.

Standard Specifications





(1) System implementation by software

(2) Adjustment parameter setting and monitoring function

(3) Easy control selection

(4) Improve work efficiency

(5) Perfect protection function

(6) Set even for power failure Constant memory

(7) Improve reliability