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Magnet Disc Brake (TB-CM)
This brake is a disc brake to use magnet. Magnetic disc brake designed to install diversity condition such as vertical, even horizontal base plate type as existing brake. In addition, optimized maintenance effect sup-plements its weakness as damaged coil or influx rainwater into brake.

Standard Specifications


* Installation : Wall Mounting, Vertical Mounting Type

* Enclosure : Dust Proof, Waterproof (IP65)

* Input : AC 440V / 380 / 220V, 1Φ, 50 / 60Hz

* Allowable Power Source 

     Voltage      : -15% ~ +10%

     Frequency : ±5% Total within 10%

* Max. Duty Frequency : 600 times/Hr

* Insulation Class : Class H

* Ambient temperature : -15 ~ +40℃






(1) Improving degree of protection 

      Structure of existing brake assembles coil with punching method to influx rainwater into coil.  

     Modifying of structure prevent to influx rainwater into. 


(2) Easy to assemble/disassemble for coil

      All the conjunctions areas are connected bolts and head coil is separated in structure.


(3) Adjust torque 

      Adjusting tension of torque is able to handle easily.


(4) Prevention of corrosion

      The material of frame mad from stainless steel to prevent corrosion even outdoor usage.


(5) Manual release device.

      Installation of thrust needle roller bearing is abale to operate stabled and smoothly.