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Inverter Control Disc Brake System (TB-ID)
ㆍHANMI TECHWIN have developed new inverter control disc brake system with the brake system technology
accumulated over 50 years.

ㆍThe system applies to thrustor disc brake, which is European brake system, and allows complete operatorless
control by supporting automatic gap adjustment, brake operation detection sensor, replacement sensor against
worn lining.

ㆍThe brake system adopting inverter enables the optimized speed control, smooth and precise stop control in place
and the transport of the loaded object without rolling and pitching.

ㆍThe system is suitable for travelling and traversing motions of over head crane, gantry crane, unloader crane,
container crane, etc.

Standard Specifications


Installation : Horizontal base plate

Enclosure : Dust Proof, Waterproof (IP65)

Input Power : AC440 / 380 / 220V, 3Φ, 50 / 60Hz

Power Variation Allowance 

      Voltage     :  -15% ~ +10%

      Frequency : ±5% Total within 10%

Max. Duty Frequency : 600 times/Hr

Insulation Class : Class F

Ambient Temperature : -15 ~ +40℃

Paint Color : Munsell No. 7.5BG 6/1.5






it is installed in ports & cargo facilities such as Over Head Crane, Gantry Crane, Unloading Crane,

  Container Crane, etc.,






1. The inverter control system enables continuous variable speed motion so it can provide sharp but smooth braking

    in emergency situation.


2. Using the inverter enables speed control for crane braking so the system can stop with loaded object motionless and increase

    productivity via precise position control. 


3. It rapid response can prevent safety lapses and facility accidents.

4. In case of power failure, the non-exciting operation type (B-type) inverter converter system can prevent conflictions between cranes.

5. Right & Left Gap Adjustments

    In addition to automatic gap adjustment function, additional right/left gap adjustment function gives fully automatic gap adjustment 

    structure to the system.


6. Sintered Pad

    The sintered pad is adopted for the operation at high speed and high temperature. Its abrasion feature ensures stable braking effect 

    and long service life (more than twice in comparison with the existing resin mold lining).


7. Adoption of Thrustor for High Frequency and Without Oil Leakage

    To maximize the brake reliability, European type thrustor was adopted for the operation of 600 times/hr.

8. No-Lubrication to Rotating Frictional Area

    Since dry metal bushings are applied to the rotating area of brake, lubrication is not required.

9. Manual Release Device

    For the soft and stable operation, the guide roller is fitted to the moving area of the manual release device. 

    In addition, its light feature ensures easy operation and fixing devices are attached on the upper and lower parts of the roller 

    to prevent the generation of noise during the operation. 

10. Brake Sensor

      Sensors are fitted for the detection of brake operation and the replacement of worn lining so brake is available stably 

      without intermediate repair.