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Slab Lifting Magnet
This lifting magnet is designed for transporting ingots, slabs and very thick steel plates.

As these kinds of materials cause relatively small gap between the surface of material
and magnetic poles, small magnetizing force is of use.

Also, in accordance with special order, magnets for handling high temperature material
can be manufactured so they can transport those at up 600℃ and can turn the slabs
smoothly at 180o with cooperation of specially designed mechansism.



(1) Lifting Magnets for Transportation

     This magnet is ideal for handling and transporting ingots in steel mill yard, for

     arranging and transporting slabs in the blooming yard, or for supplying material to

     continuosuly operated heating furnaces.


(2) Lifting Magnets for both Transporting and Turning of Slab

     As this magnet enables the slabs to be turned for checking the front and rear

     faces and for scarfing, it completely eliminates the time consuming procedures.