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Motor Brake Unit
The motor brake unit (TEPB-Series) is one of the motor braking methods for the system that uses the motor as the main power. DC braking method to provide stable performance. It is a controller that converts input single-phase AC voltage to DC output suitable for braking the motor by using SCR, which is a switching element. It can control voltage current of real-time motor by adopting MCU and provide optimal operating environment.
In addition, the voltage and current are displayed on the display unit, which is convenient for the user, and the setting can be easily changed by using the key, so it is possible to set the motor braking to suit the environment.

Standard Specifications





(1) Induction motor DC braking device

(2) Single-phase DC controller






(1) Has current and voltage limit function suitable for motor braking

(2) Optimal control is possible by output current and voltage feedback control

(3) Soft braking is possible according to the setting.

(4) Has abnormal condition detection function (disconnection, some short circuit) when braking the motor

(5) Output short-circuit status detection function (device protection function)

(6) Safe (device protection) circuit configuration is possible even when the input power is cut off during operation

(7) Supplied a wide range of operating power (AC90 ~ 240V) with built-in SMPS

(8) Wide setting range (current: 1 ~ 300A) is available

(9) 50Hz, 60Hz dual power frequency Easy to use